Welcome to Danai’s Sea Apartments

Comfortable apartments with a friendly, feel good atmosphere.  Quality of service is everything to the owners and the staff who work hard to make your stay enjoyable. So many guests, understandably, return year after year. The apartments are fully equipped (air conditioner, kitchen, fridge, shower, WC,TV). A cleaning lady changes the bed-sheets twice a week. They are all built on the seashore, and you can enjoy the beautiful sea from the balcony.

What we can whole-heartedly guarantee is the fact that you will never feel bored at Guves. There are hundreds of things to do. Guves is the ideal for every tourist. They offer the chance to relax by walking along the beautiful beaches (one of the longest in Crete) by swimming, fishing or angling. For those keen on adventure, they can indulge in underwater fishing, explore Dia (a small island opposite Guves), go cycling and so on. At Guves, one can also enjoy nice food, fresh fish, traditional Cretan specialties, get a taste of “raki” (traditional alcoholic drink) with the locals and later have great fun at the night clubs in the town.